Skull Molds

Surely you are one of those who are convinced that when they were born the mold was broken. Because you are special and you are not satisfied with the routine, the conventional and because you also like to break the mold. Well… Wait! Speaking of molds, precisely what I am proposing is that you buy us precisely that: some beautiful and practical skull molds.

Why buy skull molds?

What did you think of a great idea? Instead of selling you more figures with skulls, now what we are proposing is that you make them yourself with our skull molds. The filling is up to you. Sugar, ice or chocolate if you want to eat them, plasticine, wax, clay or any other similar material if you only want the skull molds to make figures with this shape that we like so much to decorate your home. You even can cook skull waffle and pancakes with the special waffle and pancake makers!

Your tastes go against the grain and you love skulls, like we do. That is why we have this store full of skulls and articles that reproduce them in all forms and in all materials. But, as it seemed to us that you also had to put something on your part, we have created these molds, varying the design, the shape, but always leaving the essence to remain, the most important thing: that it is skulls.

When so many skulls made from your brand new molds start to appear everywhere, your friends will be amazed and of course, they will want them too. Are you going to tell them how you do it? Are you going to break your secret to make decorative skulls, edible skulls, colored skulls, skulls appear out of nowhere? Of course, man, tell them to stop by our store, that’s why we have it and we want to make everyone who has our tastes happy. Don’t you always want the best for your friends?

In addition to molds of skulls, in our store we have:

skull costume


These skull costumes will bring out the little boy in you. A bit of an evil child, yes. When you try it on, you will surely not want to take it off.

skull drawing


Do you remember when was the first time you drew a skull? Surely these drawings awaken your inspiration, and who knows, maybe you will return to your hobby.

skull mug


Take your passion for skulls with each breakfast and start the day with energy. These skull mugs will not save you from going to work, but they will save you from being one of them.