Skull Mugs

Your thing is to show a transgressive attitude even to sip coffee, and for this there is nothing better than skull mugs. If you want to buy a mug with these characteristics, it is because you are clear that you are not a conventional person who drinks coffee in a container made in series by Ikea.

Why buy skull mugs?

The first thing you should ask yourself is why do you keep drinking from the typical white office mug when you have at your fingertips a lot of skull mugs that fit with your transgressive, unique and different personality.

Rock your mornings drinking coffee with a cup of skulls, surprise one of your best friends with an original gift or bring your unmistakable style to work. Because the office is the best place to show off a skull bowl or glass.

Discover in front of your colleagues that a true nonconformist hides under the uniform or that suit, because you are much more than what you look like. Without leaving your job, one of the mugs in our catalog will be a fun gift for that colleague who always comes in on Mondays with the worst face of him. Although you can choose to give yourself one of the mugs from our store to give a touch of humor to the first day of the week.

The wide variety of skull mugs makes it very easy to find one that matches your personal style: if you are a more cheerful person, you will find them colorful and in fun shapes; feel that every day you celebrate the Day of the Dead; Or, if you are one of the classics, opt for the less ‘poppy’ options in our store.

Let yourself be seduced by the shapes, the drawings and the details until you find the coolest pot for you. Because… if you broke the mold, why can’t your morning cup do it too?

In addition to mugs with skulls, in our store we have:

skull bag


Hang a skull print bag over your shoulder. You will set a trend among your friends, there is nothing wrong with being the most daring or the coolest.

skull scarf


The most transgressive fashion designers love skull scarves. We have upped your stakes and we have a large quantity of kerchiefs.

skull makeup


The little genius in you will know how to value the work of art that these skull makeup are. Scary or attractive, the choice is yours.