Skull Pins

Pins have not gone out of style. They are really cool and original in jackets, shirts and jackets with a punk, gothic and rock aesthetic. And, if it is a skull pin, even more so. Try it for yourself!

Why buy skull pins?

Skull pins have become true icons of retro and vintage fashion with an underground twist. Among other things, you can be sure that these small pieces of design are not valid for everyone. In this sense, only those with a young, transgressive and free spirit are able to wear it with style and leave their mark wherever they go.

It is clear that skulls, due to the mysticism, transgression and originality they convey, are perfect pieces for you if you are a person who tries to get away from the flawed canons and standards that modern society constantly tries to impose. In fact, brands have made everyone around you see the same. No character, no personality, no spark.

These skull pins will achieve the opposite effect. Thanks to their versatility, you can use them at the time you prefer. It does not matter if you want one to put in your jacket and go to college every day or, on the contrary, embed it in your bag and go out to party with your friends adding a touch of innovation to your look. The limit, when it comes to this type of piece, is set by your imagination.

Also, we know that you are not willing to spend your savings on clothes designed by those boring firms that populate the windows of department stores. For this reason, we offer you these pieces at really cheap and adjusted prices, which does not mean that we neglect quality one iota. In addition, we assure you that you can enjoy your order in just 24 hours. What more could you want?

In addition to pins with skulls, in our store we have:

skull underwear


Being very, very sexy is not at odds with your taste for skulls. And the face of him when he sees them is going to be to frame.

skull flag


Raise the flag of freedom and start a new life. Your principles, your values are yours and nobody is going to change them.

skull tie


Don’t give up who you are when circumstances force you to wear formal clothes. We have the best selection of ties with skulls of the milky way.