Skull Scarves

If you are determined to buy skull scarves or bandanas, it is because you are probably one of us. These accessories have their own personality and will allow you to stand out for breaking with the canons that fashion and current society rule. In short, perfect pieces for free spirits like you.

Why buy skull scarves?

It is very likely that, if you have come this far looking for skull scarves, you are one of those guys who know very well what they want and who are not willing to pay 5 or 10 times the price of a garment just because it has a print on it. one of those brands that supposedly set fashion trends. That is to say, that you pass from what you see in the most elite stores of the department stores. In fact, we are not surprised that, like us, you are against that snobbery that has so strongly permeated society.

If so, the skull canvases are going to become essential accessories in your usual wardrobe. On the one hand, it is undeniable that these pieces are really practical to protect you from the sun in summer. But, in addition, they will also allow you to wear a different, transgressive and striking look that will not go unnoticed by anyone, something that, surely, is what you want the most.

In this sense, skulls have become a symbol of underground aesthetics and reflect that, despite the ties that our environment imposes on us, it is possible to escape from everything and be yourself wherever you are.

Imagine yourself on the street this summer with your denim shorts, your favorite sneakers, the shirt of your favorite group and one of these skull scarves on your head. Or, if you prefer, putting the one you like the most around your neck and showing off in front of your colleagues. And it is that these garments give a lot to talk about and, therefore, they are magnificent for people who, like you, like to go against the tide and feel like a free soul.

In addition to scarves with skulls, in our store we have:

skull suit


With these skull suits you will be the center of attention of the party, but isn’t that what we are all looking for?

skull painting


You will be amazed with our gallery of skull paintings that we have collected to satisfy the most exquisite artistic tastes.

skull costume


These skull costumes will bring out the little boy in you. A bit of an evil child, yes. When you try it on, you will surely not want to take it off.