Skull Shoes

When you have a hobby, you literally extend it from head to toe. If you like skulls, you share their symbolism and you feel very comfortable with them, reflecting them in the way you dress and live, the day cannot come when you look down and do not see any of them. You deserve good skull shoes and here we will help you get the best ones.

Why buy skull shoes?

Buying skull shoes is important to you, because you want to step firmly and leave your mark … the mark of our appreciated skull. Your way of living, feeling fashion and being part of your group forces you to follow in the footsteps of your fashion, of your people. No matter the style of the shoes, the shape is the least of it; the important thing is that they have skulls, many and bright.

Can you imagine walking at night and having the craniums of your feet mark your path like a bright and luminous wisp? They will want to continue your trail, walk behind you because something about the skulls that you show them on your feet tells them that you are someone to be followed and admired. You are a tough nut to crack! Your skulls talk about you, dance, walk, jump and run following the tireless rhythm of your feet.

We know that our store is going to make you happy, that’s what we made it for! It seems little to you to have only two feet for so many available shoes, sneakers, high heels, slippers… with their small or large, terrifying or funny skulls. It is your look and your way of life that you share with many others, be they punks, goths, rockers or in love with skulls and their aesthetics.

Don’t even think about the possibility of not finding what you need in our store, because we have many and varied shoes. If after visiting us and taking a tour of our products you do not go out with your shoes to kick vulgarity and the conventional roll, it is because you do not want to.

In addition to shoes with skulls, in our store we have:

skull scarf


The most transgressive fashion designers love skull scarves. We have upped your stakes and we have a large quantity of kerchiefs.

skull sleeveless shirt


Because we know that cotton shirts and skulls are the combination with which you feel most comfortable, come and see the wide selection we have for you.

skull makeup


The little genius in you will know how to value the work of art that these skull makeup are. Scary or attractive, the choice is yours.