Skull Ties

If you dare to buy skull ties, it is because you are very clear that nobody will be able to make you change your style, not even in celebrations and special events. Is there something more transgressive and daring than skulls? Probably not and, therefore, these garments are perfect so that, even if you have or want to wear a suit, you continue to feel authentic wherever you are. Go beyond the conventional!

Why buy skull ties?

There are many reasons why you have to dare to wear skull ties, both neckties and bowties or even skull clips. First of all, these garments will allow you to put your own stamp on any of your most elegant suits or, what is the same, a note of informality and cheekiness in your look. And it is that these symbols represent all of us who want to free ourselves from the ties of today’s society, with its own canons and corsets.

In addition, we know that for young people like you, price is an important issue and, therefore, we offer you the opportunity to wear these avant-garde and innovative ties for very little. In this sense, no one better than us to know that breaking with the trends set by fashion and current society does not have to leave you, far from it, without money in your pockets. Undoubtedly, garments with symbols that reflect mysticism and passion in abundance.

So, if you want to get ready for this New Year’s Eve or that wedding is coming up that forces you to dust off your suit but for nothing in the world do you want to appear in the photos as if you were one of the flock, one of these skull ties will help you break with the status quo and feel free, unique and different. For this reason, do not miss the opportunity to wear them or have them in your closet. You never know when they are going to get you out of trouble.

In addition to ties with skulls, in our store we have:

mexican skull


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