Skull Underwear

If you have come this far, it is because you are very clear about what you want: skull underwear! If you are not looking for just any underwear, but one that suits your personality and with which you feel that you are going to conquer the world, you have to check our catalog of panties, trunks, boxers and T-back thongs with skull prints.

Why buy skull underwear?

A girl’s underwear can say much more than what meets the eye. There is nothing sexier than wearing skull underwear and you know it. A tough girl who wears accessories, printed shirts and proudly shows off her skull socks, knows that nothing can sink her if she wears her skull panties. It is not a pattern that just anyone can wear, skull underwear is reserved for intrepid, self-confident and transgressive women.

Skull underwear can be a gift for yourself, but it is also a fun gift for our partner. On the one hand, you can give them to your girlfriend who loves skulls or choose to surprise your partner in privacy with an unusual pattern.

The skull print underwear in our catalog is made with high quality materials; so you can wear your new underwear both daily and wear them on special occasions as if you just received them. You can find panties, trunks, boxers and thongs with large or small skull prints, in the everlasting black and white or with prints full of color… you rule over your underwear and we offer you all the possibilities.

Shame is surely not something that defines you, but surely you prefer the comfort of being able to order your skull underwear from the comfort of your home. No fighting for the last piece of your size, you wait endless in the fitting rooms or queues to pay; Buying from our store you can invest all that time browsing our extensive catalog of panties with this pattern.

In addition to panties with skulls, in our store we have:

skull tights


Step hard on the streets of your city. Your skull stockings are the most daring in the neighborhood. We know it and you know it, and soon everyone will.

skull pants


It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, tall or short, goth, rocker, punk or urban pirate. We have those skull pants that you were looking for and that will sit you to death.

skull ashtray


Yes, smoking is bad for your health. Someday you will quit smoking, but in the meantime, give yourself the pleasure of pouring ashes into these beautiful skulls that we have for you.